372 LF of 30" RCP pushed under the BNSF in under 10 hours

Dickinson, ND Storm Drain and Grade Separation project

Dickinson ND – South State Street, Storm Sewer and 30” Jacking Installation

By:  Richard J. Langguth, Sales Manager, and

Riley Dvorak, Sales Engineer ND

Cretex Concrete Products

Rlangguth@cretex.com, rdvorak@cretex.com

In May of 2015 the NDDOT accepted bids for project number SOIA-SAP-CPU-5-983(050)050, South State Street.  The project was designed by HDR Inc., to provide a grade separation between the BNSF Railroad and South State Street in the City of Dickinson, ND.

Included in the 8600 LF of 15” – 36” RCP used for Strom Drain on this project was 370 LF of 30” CL4 RCP to be pushed through a 48” jacked steel casing pipe.  The 30” RCP was O-Ring Gasketed Pipe produced in Cretex’s Helena, MT facility.  The casing pipe diameter was determined by the OD of the Bell on 30” RCP.

The 370’ long push on 30” CL4 RCP was completed in under 10 hours with minimal jacking forces to push the entire length.  The nature of this installation was critical due to constraints placed on the project by the BNSF under the second busiest rail line in ND, transporting ND shale crude.

Other concrete products included on this project were 150 storm and sanitary sewer structures, 3800 LF of prestress concrete girders and over 36,000 sq ft of MSE wall supplied by others.


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